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Gravel Driveway Newcastle

Laying Gravel for perfect drives….

Newcastle Driveways & Patio Pro specialises on home improvement involving patios and driveways. A highly attractive gravel driveway is one of our services that you might want to look at.

Normally, property owners would not look deeply on these different designs of driveways believing that they are all the same.

Driveway designs vary in material, costing, maintenance, installation, and stability. Though the appeal does impress and will attract as much as the other driveway materials,  each driveway has a distinct character to compare.


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Gravel Laying Service Available!

These surfaces are surprisingly fantastic but more affordable in terms of price. Gravel particles are made of small rocks, even smaller than a cobble. Its diameter goes around 3 inches and it is made of sand and clay.
Stone is appropriate for areas that are susceptible to flooding because its surface absorbs water fast and drains it to redirect to drainages. Compared to concrete, which has a more cohesive and compact surface, gravel is more flexible but retains durability against any weather condition.


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Laying a driveway

It does not involve complex engineering that concerns selective individuals to understand. If you have been shown of our samples of paths made of gravel, you will be surprised by the attractiveness of the finished project.

Using this as pavement for your driveway will cut you huge savings in many ways. First, the installation is much cheaper than its contemporaries. Second, it requires low maintenance.

Newcastle Driveways & Patio Pro develops driveways of gravel to clients who believe in their skill. Our experienced pavers have all the years of extensive practice in this industry. If you trust us, we can begin this project as soon as you want to have it started.

  • – So here are the steps
  • – The ground is prepared and tidied
  • – Inspect for problematic roots on the ground
  • – Remove weeds, grass, and dead roots
  • – Layers of gravel are laid
  • – Check old piping built along the gravel path and have it redirected
  • – Spread the first layer until the last
  • – Flatten the gravel using heavy equipment to ensure the small stones are intact

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The stability of the newly laid driveway will depend on how humans and vehicles use it. Given the type of material and the quality of workmanship in laying the gravel, it should last for many years. As for any type of material intended for driveway surfaces, the worst damage they can get is from heat and rain as the driveways are exposed.

As for the gravel, they could be exposed also to potholes, chances to damage the surface. However, since gravel does not easily crack because it is made of loose particles, only compacted.

To begin reach out to our office and we’ll prepare our team for quote and site inspection once we have met an initial agreement.
You can be assured of excellent workmanship from us as we have been covering the Newcastle area for many years already. And our quality pavers who have high regard to your property will just do what we need to do to meet your expectations.
Never hesitate to call us, let’s begin talking.