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Concrete Driveway & Patio

Concrete Contractors in Newcastle

Concrete paving is one of the fantastic services our company offers. We do paving for your patios, decks, walkways, and driveways.

Concrete driveway installation requires the expertise of an experienced contractor. This is to ensure that the driveway paved with cement will achieve the desired finish and quality.


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Concrete Driveways Newcastle Service

Concrete is a very common material used in paving. It is also known as cement. In fact, cement is gaining popularity over other materials such as tarmac. When you choose to use concrete for your Newcastle driveway or patio projects, you can play with some decorative options.

The materials involved and the quality of workmanship implemented in building a driveway will dictate the end product’s stability and appeal.

In the construction industry, different projects have different requirements. And these should be strictly met. The following steps must be observed to attain a standard-quality concrete driveway:

  1. Checking if there is adequate drainage for water run-off
  2. Careful preparation of the ground layer
  3. Removing the unwanted presence of thrusting objects (incorrect piping, unrooted tree, problematic tree veins)
  4. Correct installation of reinforcement (steel bar support)
  5. Correct amount of cement mix
  6. Checking for interlocking joints
  7. Proper curing

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 Advantages of Concrete Paving

  • Slabs of concrete are highly durable
    – Low maintenance
    – Great for large and wide areas of paving
    – More preferred over tarmac and gravel
    – Can last for 25 to 50 years
    – Can bear vehicle traffic for many years
    – Great against any kind of weather

Driveway project contractors from our company require hard work and dedication the moment they start building your driveway. Although even home property owners can install or pour by themselves, when it is handled by professionals, the job seems more manageable and efficient.

Our engineers and installers will inspect your place and the spot where the paving is required. The job can be done in a couple of days, but it has to be handled by experts.

Concrete driveways involve major jobs such as excavating or digging, laying steel reinforcements, pouring cement, and applying finishing touches. Before digging, workers ensure the ground is free from grass and that the foundation is stable.

Concrete requires curing so that it can achieve complete hardness after a couple of days. It is important that nothing will intervene during the curing process. This is done by covering the surface by spraying water on the surface or dampening it from time to time to allow curing time.
A fully useable concrete driveway will take a short while to be able to bear the weight of a car or any vehicle.

Here are the steps

A scree is used to remove excess concrete and to level the topmost surface
Apply broom finish when there is no other decorative option; this adds friction to the surface
Sealing the surface using a sealant
Placement of joints to protect against cracks
Proper sloping towards the street is checked
Continuous curing by sprinkling and covering with plastic sheet

Advantages of a concrete driveway:

Quality workmanship
Low maintenance
Optional designs

The installation of this paving is easy to understand but complex to implement, and it is one of those crafts Newcastle is skilled for.
Our team of driveways and patio pros works in the most ethical way. Our service delivery is based on what we’ve done in the past years, leaving our customers only the work performance they were expecting from reliable contractors.

Reach out to us for more information in what we do, know more about our proven track record, our portfolios, and see if you can trust us. Visit us or call us through our hotlines.


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