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Resin Bound

Resin Bound

Resin driveway – Resin Patio

Newcastle Driveways and Patio Pro is your key to unlocking the beauty of your front yard.

Resin-bound surfacing is one of the fantastic services our company offers. We do paving for your patios, decks, walkways, and driveways. Resin as a binder for pavement has a highly absorbent characteristic. It is made mixing with aggregate stones and resins and the finish gives you one of the most aesthetically pleasing results available.

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Resin Bound

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Incredible Looking Resin Bound Surfacing

“Resin-bound” means the resin is used as a binder for aggregate particles to prevent them from disintegrating. The coating is applied on the surface before the resins are poured. This enhances and strengthens the bond within the surface, making it permanent and cohesive.

Resin-bound paving is best against flooding. The surface prevents the collection of water during heavy rains because it quickly absorbs water and let it dry fast.

Advantages of using resin-bound paving

  • – Durable and highly absorbable
  • – Cost-efficient
  • – The coat prevents algae growth
  • – Crack and slip-resistant
  • – Looks fantastic!
  • – Can bear vehicle traffic for many years
  • – Easy to clean

Qualified pavers from Newscastle Driveway and Patio Pro build resin-bound driveways with high-quality workmanship. Your resin-bound surface will look very appealing and create a clean new image for your driveway.

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Driveways that are usually exposed outdoors under the sun and rain quickly wear out. Installers add a protective layer to keep it from fading and cracking in time. Proper and periodic maintenance will protect your resin driveway from ageing soon.

In building driveways aside from resin, our experienced builders observe a work ethic that will satisfy quality workmanship. Since resin bound is a flexible material, it is a highly porous surface. From such, our pavers know how to retain its decorative appeal without compromising its resistance against weather.

Driveways surfaced with resin possess unique qualities:
  • – Made of small stones but does disintegrate
  • – Highly appealing and attractive
  • – Flexible in design options
  • – Practical and sustainable
  • – Weather-resistant
  • – Low maintenance
  • – Great value for your money for its longevity

The installation of resin-bound paving is easy to understand but complex to implement, and it is one of those crafts Newcastle is skilled for.Since the stones that are mixed together are made up of aggregate particles, recycled, and even marble materials, we ensure that each particle is firmly bonded from the resin applied.

It is somewhat contradicting to say that resin bound is cohesive but with a permeable surface. This is the crucial part where we retain the strength of the bond and make the stones tightly packed but leaving voids good enough for water to slip through.

Our team of driveways and patio pros works within the most ethical way. Our service delivery is based on what we’ve done the past years, leaving our customers only the work performance they were expecting from reliable contractors.

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