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Installation of new driveways and patios using block paving will add great curb appeal to your property. It will lift your home to a different level as block paving provides a neat and tidy finish for your front yard. Or if you plan on maximising your unused lawns, you can begin converting that portion into a blocked patio.

Block Paving

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Block paving provides numerous benefits for you as a homeowner. On top of them is the stunning look of interlocking blocks of different patterns. Block paving is truly an artwork manifested by pavers showing preciseness and proficiency in laying down the bricks.

Blocks used as pavers can be made of concrete, clay, or other composite materials. They are pre shaped and ready for laying. Meeting certain agreements with our blocked pavers, the choice of your block material will depend on the ground’s condition, on your personal choice in block type, the size of foot and vehicle traffic, and price comparison.

Top benefits of blocked driveways and patios:

  • – Comes in different block patterns
  • – Sustainable
  • – Replaceable
  • – Slip resistant and drains water fast
  • – Durable and lasts for years
  • – Takes only a day to install


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Blocked driveways and patios are chosen for their impressive finish. In Newcastle, you can choose based on colour, style, and finish to achieve a traditional brick road by using natural stone surface or a striking contemporary appeal.

With your imaginative instinct, you can complement the blocks’ colours to your house type.

Our team in Newcastle has been serving this area and nearby place. When we embark on a driveway and patio project using any kind of surface, our contractors will implement the following:

  • – Visit your site for ground inspection; if there is an existing driveway, our engineers will decide if the old paving should be excavated and start a new one.
  • – Calculate the costing and the appropriability of design to existing home
  • – Start excavating, cleaning, laying, and placing blocks
  • – Apply finishing touches

Choose your block paving and our builders will advise on the applicability to your existing ground. Follow the advice of our builders if your car is ready to park and drive on it.

Benefits of blocked driveways:

  • – Provides a traditional or contemporary look
  • – Drains water fast for permeable materials
  • – Blocks can be replaced
  • – Wide variety of block surface to choose from
  • – Slip Resistant

These home improvement projects that put your living to the next level. Property owners the value of their home by giving it a lift—and a driveway makeover is one of them.

We implement what we have discussed over the phone and through the papers. You could expect your block driveway and patio just as what have been agreed upon. Before casting the first block on the ground, we make it a point that you understood all our conditions and your expectations.

It is our craft to serve our customers the best they could hope for, so we don’t want to compromise on that.

Newcastle Driveways & Patio Pro are professionals who work bringing excellence in all aspects of our career. If our customers are satisfied, then this will serve as a testimony in our craft.

Add life to your driveway, don’t let it stand there as a boring piece of land. Pave your patio with interlocking blocks and be amazed how we bring life back to your home.

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